Thursday, April 13, 2006

Slaughtering the Fattened Calf

Well, it finally happened. Last night Cami came barreling through our family room and fell right into a tray table. It happened so quickly that there was really nothing anyone could do. She began to cry the type of cry that kids make when they are truly hurt. I rushed over and picked her up to discover a face full of blood. I was a bit shocked by the sight; it looked like someone had slaughtered the fattened calf on her face! Trying to remain calm, I called Mike for a paper towel as I held my hand under Cami's chin in an effort to collect the pooling blood. My efforts were mostly in vain as the blood dripped from her chin onto both of our clothes. As I dabbed the paper towel, I tried to assess the damage. Where was the blood coming from? Her nose?... mouth?... chin? The amount of blood made her face look as though she had been attacked with a machete. Finally the bleeding subsided to reveal a tiny cut on her upper lip. To help stop the bleeding I gave her some ice, which she thoroughly enjoyed as she is also currently cutting her first molars (poor kid!)

Today she is fine. No worse for the wear other than a slightly bruised, fat lip. It could have been a lot worse... we are lucky.

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HORIZON said...

Hi Faye.
Thank you for the post. My little boy is 4 now but about a year and half ago he did the same thing. My mum was babysitting him for the night, my older daughter was there too- he was excited, misjudged and ran straight into a cupboard door. I got a call with screams in the background (you can imagine). Anyway the long and short of it is that Sam was ok- top lip, left side and lots of blood! I arrived only minutes later to take him up to casualty- can still feel that knot inside my stomach. Ahh.. the joys of motherhood!
Hope Cami gets better soon- it sounds like you did a great job.