Saturday, May 31, 2008

National Science Olympiad and meeting Dr. Ben Carson

I was asked to help out at the Science Olympiad National Tournament this past weekend at GWU in Washington, DC. I pleased to be asked and even more thrilled when I found out that the keynote speaker at the opening ceremony on Friday night, was Dr. Ben Carson.
Dr. Carson is my rockstar. When I read about Dr. Carson's successful seperation surgery of twins conjoined at the head in 1987, I was hooked. Later I read his autobiography "Gifted Hands." I've seen numerous programs about Dr. Carson. I was so excited to be able to hear him speak live. Little did I know that I would actually have the opportunity to meet Dr. Carson at the Science Olympiad director's reception just before the opening ceremony! He is a very pleasant man, humble and soft spoken. It was for me a dream come true! His keynote address was amazing, the best speech I have ever seen. Ever.

The attached is an excerpt from one of his talks on C-Span.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Recital Photos!

We were only permitted to take photos before and after the show, so what you are seeing is just that. I didn't get as many good photos as I would have liked because I was stuck with a disposable camera.

A test shot taken before the stage rehearsal on Wednesday.
This is the girl's costume for their hip-hop routine. They then changed into a variation of this costume for their tap routine. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of the tap costume, but it was similar to this one.
Four "Genies" showing off before the show.
Ms. Mattie's beginner dance class. The girls are all 4 and 5 years old (except Camille who is 3)
Just after the show. Camille received flowers and a stuffed pig. The girls all looked adorable in their red ballet tutus! 2 stars.
No autographs please!
After the recital, Mommy, Daddy, Mimi, Bop and Auntie Laura took Camille out to dinner. A good time was had by all!

Camille's First Dance Recital

Yesterday was Camille's first dance recital. It was everything we hoped for. Mike and I sat in the audience, the proud parent's of the youngest and tiniest dancer in the school. Camille had a wonderful time and, just as we suspected, she really enjoyed the stage! During the finale Camille clapped and waved and really "hammed it up!" Aunt Laura gave Camille a toy pig after the performance (ironic). Unfortunately, both of my digital cameras are at Kodak being repaired. One is under warranty, the other is not. Neither are suitable for picture taking, so I had to go the old fashion route for photos. I bought a small disposable camera and I plan to take it in today to get it developed. I am hoping that the 1 hour photo will provide a disk so I can post some pictures. If not, it will probably be a couple of days before I can add photos, so stop by again soon! And while you are here, please leave a comment. It's the only way we know that you have stopped by!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend in Ocean City...

We took out annual 3-day pilgrimage to Ocean City. Although the weather on Friday was a bit overcast and cooler than we would have liked, we had a wonderful time. Here are few photos from our adventure taken before my camera went on the fritz!

Those who know me know that I am a "Whack-a-Mole" champion. Here is a photo of the next champion in-training. She really enjoyed whacking the sharks and she did quite well!
Camille and Auntie Karen take a ride on the train.
The pier had tiny bumper cars that the kids could drive themselves.
Our good friends Kieran & Karen with a very tired kid!
Camille rides a zebra.
It was too chilly to swim, but we enjoyed great weather on the beach on Saturday!

Friday, May 09, 2008

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Sunday, May 04, 2008


Church is a big part of our lives. Mike is the music minister for the mass every Sunday at 11:00 AM. In the summer he plays for 2 masses, the 11:00 AM and 9:30 AM since the choir does not meet.

Camille loves church. We started bring her to mass at St. Francis the very first Sunday that we brought her home. She also loves to help out, and she bugged our priests so much for a job that Fr. Ed finally gave her one. She is in charge of bringing the prayer basket from the alter to the back of the church so it can be taken up to the alter with the gifts during mass. She is very serious about this job. And she does a wonderful job!
Camille carefully takes the prayer basket from the alter and carries it back to the church.
Camille and Mrs. Ross light a candle for Camille's decease Grandmother.
Then Camille says a prayer.

Why I am not a cat person...