Friday, October 31, 2008


Just one word... WOW!

Philadephia's finest were our in full force...
Just a sea of people...

I think 'bliss' says it all!

We're on our way... the PHILLIES PARADE!
Kieran, we're thinking of you buddy! We know you'll be watching, so we'll be waving! Happy Halloween everyone and way to go Phillies!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thank you!


Calendar Contest Entry

Mommy's place of employment is having a calendar contest for the children of the employees. The company is looking for entries for the 2009 Safety calendar. This year, one of the catagories is "Green Living". Camille and I talked about making a picture to submit (Camille loves to draw). Here's Camille's entry... wish her luck!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We haven't lost the spirit!

So, we thought the Phillies would win the game last night (especially since the first inning produced two Philadelphia runs, Tampa Bay - zero!), but as everyone knows, the game was postponed in the bottom of the 6th, the score tied at 2, due to poor weather. So again, we thought the Phillies would finish the game tonight. No such luck. The weather in this area is still really crappy... maybe we can finish this game tomorrow. We haven't lost the spirit! Go Phillies!
Title: How girlie-girls root for the home team!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Fun at Chinese School!

All of the classes took turns parading across the stage. This is Kindergarten A.

Kindergarten B - Class photo
Back L-R - Alex, Chancellor, Michael, Timothy
Upper Middle - Matthew, Alexander, Mia, Brianna
Lower Middle - Pheobe, Alexandra, Grace
Front - Camille, Abby, Amanda, Julie

Trick or Treat!

Timothy and Camille... so cute!
There was time for a craft...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Melamine and children adopted from China

Thanks to everyone for your concerns about Camille and the Melamine scare. Please let me assure you that we believe Camille is fine. Although she is asymptomatic, her province of origin, Hunan, is on the "high-risk" list. We have been advised by the International Adoption Health Clinic at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to have a non-urgent, urinalysis and BUN/Creatinine blood test. The purpose is rule out kidney and bladder stones which can be caused by exposure to melamine at a very young age.

On a seperate note, Camille is scheduled for her flu shot on November 7th. So, we'll be picking up the paperwork for the kidney tests then and should have results shortly afterwards. We're not worried and you should not be either. Camille continues to grow and thrive. She is happy and healthy.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Fun at the Mall

One of our local shopping malls had a halloween fun day for the kids. Camille dressed in her Princess Jasmine costume and we headed to the mall. It was a great way to spend a rainy afternoon.

They had a really terrific kids singer/entertainer. I wish I had gotten his name, he would have been really fun to have at a birthday party. Camille had a great time dancing!
Camille made a mask...
And a pumpkin. She's really starting to show some artistic talent, I think.

Back to School Photos

These images are not the best, but I don't have a scanner. Family, (including extended family), if you'd like one of these, let me know and I will get it for you!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Camille's First Self-portrait

Camille drew this self-portrait for back-to-school night. The teacher finally took them down from the wall. I absolutely adore this picture... it's destine to become a keepsake!

Photo's from the wedding in Cincinnati

Here are a sampling of photos from the rehearsal dinner and wedding in Cincinnati. I have others and if you really want to see ALL of them, leave me a comment and I'll send you a link to the rest.

All dolled up for the rehearsal dinner.

My cousin Caryn's daughter, Eve.
My Cousin Caryn's son, Phillip
My dad holding Baby Noah... he only had him for about 30 seconds when this photo was taken!
Caryn's husband David and their baby, Noah.
Caryn and I along with the "big kids" took a limo to the wedding. It was Camille, Phillip and Eve's first limo ride and it was a big hit with them!
Phillip was the ringbearer and Eve was the flowergirl. Everyone looked so cute all dolled up!