Sunday, October 26, 2008

Melamine and children adopted from China

Thanks to everyone for your concerns about Camille and the Melamine scare. Please let me assure you that we believe Camille is fine. Although she is asymptomatic, her province of origin, Hunan, is on the "high-risk" list. We have been advised by the International Adoption Health Clinic at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to have a non-urgent, urinalysis and BUN/Creatinine blood test. The purpose is rule out kidney and bladder stones which can be caused by exposure to melamine at a very young age.

On a seperate note, Camille is scheduled for her flu shot on November 7th. So, we'll be picking up the paperwork for the kidney tests then and should have results shortly afterwards. We're not worried and you should not be either. Camille continues to grow and thrive. She is happy and healthy.

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