Sunday, June 29, 2008

Then & Now

One of the very first friends Camille made in the FCC (Families with Chinese Children) was Lily. Camille met Lily in January 2006 at the FCC Chinese New Year party. Lily is a year older than Camille, but the girls became good friends. Here is photo from that New Year's party in 2006...
We were lucky enough to see Lily and her family at a FCC pool party today. It's amazing to see the "Then and Now"... Lily is still a very sweet (and very tall) little girl!

One word for this weekend...


Saturday Camille attended Rachel and Lauren's 9th and 6th Birthday Party. (The girls are 3 years and one day apart in age!) The party was held at a bowling alley. It was a cosmic bowling/dance party and it really was quite fun! It was also a bit of a shock to experience the 6-10 year old crowd. All the girls seemed so much older and I guess that makes sense since six is twice as old as three! I guess kids do grow up much faster these days. They all loved Hannah Montana, The Jonas Brother and the Cheetah Girls and many were sporting fashions from Disney's Camp Rock. After the party, Lauren invited Camille to go swimming. The family live right across the street from us and they have a beautiful in-ground pool in their back yard. I am encouraging this friendship... it's going to be a terrific summer!

The photos above are from today. We went to an FCC member private pool club for a party. It was another fun day of swimming. Camille is becoming quite the fish!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday with the Lynches

Today we spent a glorious Sunday at the Lynches house. They have a really terrific pool, which Camille thoroughly enjoyed. She swam for nearly 5 hours straight! Here are some photos from the day...
Kieran & Camille in their floats
Pool girl
Check out that tan line from just one day of sun with SPF 30 sunscreen!(Mommy wishes she could tan like that!)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Happy Summer!

It's finally here! Camille began the summer program at daycare. It will be her last 3 months as she will attend the Academy in September. We requested a particular teacher that we know Camille has a good raport with and our request was granted. Camille is acting better about daycare already. It could be the new teacher, or it could be that the summer program is just more fun! Whatever it is, it's a nice change.

We've opted for a low key summer this year. No extra-curriculars for Camille. No big trips, just a week at the shore in August and lots of day trips. We started yesterday with a trip to the Please Touch Museum where our friend Rocco sang the national anthem at the opening ceremony for the ABC Games. It was our first trip to the Please Touch Museum. It's a really incredible museum and we had a great time.

Tomorrow we have a birthday party to attend. No photos this week as my digital camera is still in the shop!

UPDATE: Sharla sent me a couple of photos that she took of Camille and Rocco (with Philadelphia Eagle's mascot "Swoop") Thanks Sharla!