Saturday, June 07, 2008

Happy Summer!

It's finally here! Camille began the summer program at daycare. It will be her last 3 months as she will attend the Academy in September. We requested a particular teacher that we know Camille has a good raport with and our request was granted. Camille is acting better about daycare already. It could be the new teacher, or it could be that the summer program is just more fun! Whatever it is, it's a nice change.

We've opted for a low key summer this year. No extra-curriculars for Camille. No big trips, just a week at the shore in August and lots of day trips. We started yesterday with a trip to the Please Touch Museum where our friend Rocco sang the national anthem at the opening ceremony for the ABC Games. It was our first trip to the Please Touch Museum. It's a really incredible museum and we had a great time.

Tomorrow we have a birthday party to attend. No photos this week as my digital camera is still in the shop!

UPDATE: Sharla sent me a couple of photos that she took of Camille and Rocco (with Philadelphia Eagle's mascot "Swoop") Thanks Sharla!

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