Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Second Field Trip

Today was the second field trip for Camille's Pre-K class. They went "Pumpkin Picking" and I believe they went to Johnson's Farm, although there was a lot less "fanfare" this time, so to be quite honest, I'm not sure exactly where they went. :o)
Camille also had her first dance class last night. She started dance a month late this year because I worried that she would be overloaded in September. Her friend from day-care, Hannah, is also in the dance class so Camille was delighted. Hannah was Camille's best friend in day-care, but Hannah did not make the cut-off to attend Pre-K at the Academy because her birthday is in October. So the last time Camille saw Hannah was at her birthday party in August. Hannah saw Camille and ran over to her. She gave Camille a big hug and squealed "Camille! I missed you!" It was too cute! Since the new dance studio is literally around the corner from our house, I decided to drop Camille off and go back home. (Afterall, Hannah was there so what could Camille possibly need me for?) When I picked her up after class I said, "So, how did you like the new dance class?" She said "It was great!" I was happy to hear that since her answer is usually "Good." I think she's going to have a lot of fun... she sure loves to dance! Here's a photo from last year's dance recital. Don't the girls all look so cute in their little red tutus?

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