Sunday, May 25, 2008

Camille's First Dance Recital

Yesterday was Camille's first dance recital. It was everything we hoped for. Mike and I sat in the audience, the proud parent's of the youngest and tiniest dancer in the school. Camille had a wonderful time and, just as we suspected, she really enjoyed the stage! During the finale Camille clapped and waved and really "hammed it up!" Aunt Laura gave Camille a toy pig after the performance (ironic). Unfortunately, both of my digital cameras are at Kodak being repaired. One is under warranty, the other is not. Neither are suitable for picture taking, so I had to go the old fashion route for photos. I bought a small disposable camera and I plan to take it in today to get it developed. I am hoping that the 1 hour photo will provide a disk so I can post some pictures. If not, it will probably be a couple of days before I can add photos, so stop by again soon! And while you are here, please leave a comment. It's the only way we know that you have stopped by!

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