Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Rough Start

I could smell the explosion before I even got up the stairs this morning. Cami had a major blow out overnight and it made for a rough morning. After I got the poor soul cleaned up, I opened the windows to her room and put on the ceiling fan. It was a rough start to the day. I got Cami dressed and took her down stairs. I offered her a cereal bar (normally a favorite) and she simply said "No." She did drink some Fruit Splashers, which is juice flavored water for babies, and I was glad because I worry about her getting dehydrated. Cami is very petite. At 20 months she is about 32" tall and weighs around 22 lbs. But she is otherwise healthy. On the way to school this morning she was a bit whiny and I asked her if she wanted to see Ms. E, her favorite teacher. Again, the answer was "no." She pouted pathetically when I left. I hope her day gets better from here.

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