Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Progress Report

As I mentioned before, Cami Rose is enrolled in day-care. Both Mike and I work full-time. Cami loves her day-care program which is run more like a school for tots than a traditional day-care. They have weekly lesson plans which include vocabulary and motor activities among others. What I didn't realize is that the day-care also provides progress reports and my parent/teacher meeting was this morning. Wow! Parent/teacher conferences for a toddler? I must say, for some strange reason, I was actually nervous!

Well, needless to say, the conference was a breeze. The head teacher (there are 3 in Cami's class) simply told me what a delight it's been to have Cami in school and what wonderful progress Cami has made this year. No kidding. Cami came home in July at 11 months of age. At that time was unable to do little more than lay around and eat. She took only a bottle and gagged on solid food. She did not have enough muscle tone to even sit up. She was like a tiny limp rag doll. We took her to the International Adoption Health Clinic at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia where we were advised to enroll her in the state Early Intervention program. It was hard work, but she learned the basic skills she needed to begin to catch up to her peers. She started day-care in October. She was still unable to walk, but she crawl short distances and was eating some solid foods. Now, six months after she began the day-care program, she is right on track with her peers. We are thrilled.

Anyway, because of her small size and late summer birthdate, Cami will not move to the "Two's" program until September (some of the older toddlers will move into the "Two's program in June.) So Cami will able to enjoy the summer as a toddler, and I am really glad.

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