Monday, April 17, 2006

Part of the Plan

Cami Rose was adopted from China. I dislike the movement that I see taking place; Chinese adoption is becoming the trendy thing to do. Celebrities have and are adopting from China. I've even heard comments that make my skin crawl like "We're planning to adopt from China before we have our own kids." Makes me nauseous even to see it in writing.

For us, Cami Rose is not an afterthought. Her adoption has nothing to do with infertility or second choices. She is not someone we added to our family to keep up with the Jones. She was always part of the plan. I saw a news magazine program more than 20 years ago when I just 12. The program profiled the population crisis in China and the growing number of Chinese orphans, especially girls. It was then that I first knew. And when the time was right to begin building our family, the first step we took was finding the right adoption agency and filling out an application. That was in June 2004. You will find the end result in the vingettes of this blog.

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