Friday, February 02, 2007

Working from home

Cami Rose and I worked from home today. She's been battling a nasty cold and I had too much work to do to simply take the day off. So, it was our first official "Work from Home" day. It was important that Cami stayed occupied so Mommy could actually get some work done. We recently acquired a My First Leap Pad from a friend who said her daughter had no interest in it (Thanks, Deb!). Cami, who is almost 2 1/2 years old, absolutely LOVES the Leap Pad. Once I taught her how to turn it on and touch the green 'go' circle with the pen, she was hooked! It's a really neat learning toy. It has volume control and even a place where we can put headphones later on.

So, between the Leap Pad and a nice long afternoon nap, I actually got a lot of work done today!

(As a side note, Cami's feet look huge because she is wearing Hannah's old cowgirl boots (Thanks again, Deb!) They are still a couple of sizes too big, but she loves to wear them anyway!)

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