Monday, February 12, 2007

Getting ready for Riley...

We're getting ready to bring Riley home next Monday, February 19th. She will be 7 weeks old. We are all very excited. We have acquired a puppy "play pen" and bought a few toys. We'll have a blanket and newspapers in the pen and this is where Riley will stay when we are not home.

I also found the cutest Shabby Chic dog bed at Target, so I just had to buy it. I know Riley won't be ready for it for several months, so for now it will probably stay in our closet. But I just thought it was adorable!

We have a travel crate. We left it along with a leash and collar at Mimi's house since she will be visiting the breeder next Monday to pick up Riley. The breeder is sending some dog food home with Riley, but I will need to get a bag of the new puppy food and a shallow feeding dish. I also need to pick up a soft brush so Riley can get used to being "groomed". I have Barron's "The Complete Guide to the Shih Tzu", so I think I am getting pretty well educated on the subject matter. We are all very excited and can't wait to bring Riley home!!!

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