Saturday, February 17, 2007

Buddy, Mooney & Rah

I know a lot of kids have a favorite stuffed toy. I had a bear named "Merrill" (at the suggestion of my Grandfather) that I was very attached to for years. Camille has quite a collection of stuffed toys, but 3 seem to have special importants. These 3 have names (rather than just being called "bear" or "dog" like most of her other stuffed toys). They all seem to have equal importants, that is she is as happy with one as the other and she doesn't ever seem to want or need all 3. She named these animals herself. I really don't know where the names came from, except for "Rah", the lion cub. Camille was playing with Rah and I said, "What do you have, Camille?" Camille answered "Kitty" and held up the toy. I said, "Oh, Camille, that's the lion cub from Aunt Rhonda (who brought the toy back from a trip to Africa in 2005) and Camille then roared like a lion. I said "That's right!" and that's how Rah, got his name. The dog is something Daddy bought while we were still paperchasing. His name is Buddy. Camille has always called him that. And the bear is something Camille picked out for her second birthday at Build-a-Bear Workshop, as far as I know, he's always been "Mooney".

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