Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Galway - Rainy Day Parade & The Lord Mayor

On December 29, 2009 in Galway, Ireland, the UDMB and UMass Band combined for a parade and concert in the park. Although it was cold and raining, we made the best of it and, in true marching band style, decided the parade must go on. I pulled a few photos from the UMass website, their photographer was fabulous! He got these shots... enjoy!

That's me in the center...


This is me with the Lord Mayor of Galway. They picked me out for some photo ops (for the local paper? I don't really know and we did stay long enough to ever find out) I had to squat down because I'm 5'10" tall... the person taking this photo instructed me "Please squat down and give us a blow!" LOL!

Lord Mayor, Declan McDonnell and Me

After it all, it was time to party with our friends!

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