Friday, October 16, 2009


So we're more than half way through October and my last post was at the end of September! Well, what can I say? Time flies when you're as busy as we are, I guess! Things are going well. Camille is really enjoying school and doing very, very well. I guess my fears about having a kindergartener in a first grade reading class are not to be realized as she seems to be excelling at reading. I was really concerned she was going to tank (I know, have a little faith Mommy!) Dance class is going well and the same kid who didn't want to take tap lessons last year absolutely loves them this year... she still loves her ballet too, but she also really enjoying the tap part of her class! Chinese school is also going well and she's got a special friend named Annika. Together they make it difficult for each other to pay attention :)

This weekend Camille and I are attending a very, very special Bat Mitzvah of the daughter of good friends of ours. It's the very first of it's kind for our local synagogue. The Jewish Community Voice printed a nice article called Dream Comes True. I would encourage you to look at it. It's a very special story. I will be sure to post some photos after the event.

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