Sunday, October 18, 2009

Photo's from Sydney's Bat Mitzvah

Camille, queen of party favors! LOL!
Our wonderful host and hostess, Rick and Donna... (hey lady, what are you doin' walkin' across my shot?)
Camille and Nina
Camille dancing with Dr. William Tasman, Cheif of Opthamology at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia (you go girl!)
The girls
Karly gets a boost during the Horah.

Camille and Ryan (how cute!)
Sydney's Bat Mitvah Cake before the lighting ceremony.

The centeropieces were spectacular.

Loved the rainbow ice sculpture!
Tree-man and butterfly girl (can you see Tree-man's face?)
Camille loved the Butterfly girl (I thought she was a little creepy, lol!)
Camille and Roxanne. I haven't seen Roxanne in an age! She's modeling in NYC right now and I can totally see why... she's such a beautiful girl!
Roxanne, Syndney and Camille. Roxanne used to be Syd's babysitter.

All dressed up for the big event.

As you can see the photos are in reverse order, but it's too much trouble to right them on blogger, so they'll stay this way. Mazel Tov, Sydney! You did a great job! We're so proud of you!


Anonymous said...

Excellent pictures! The one of Camille reading the Torah (I think that is what it's called) with the (little hat-can't remember what that is called!) is just darling! You are quite the handsome couple too! Quite the event I would say - Sydney must a very special girl, she sure has lots of friends who celebrated with her! Tell her Way to Go from the Kansas peep!!

Kristi said...

Great photos. I love that cake. Maybe I just love eatting cake:)