Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What warrants more drama?

What warrants more crying? Getting a needle stuck into your arm to draw blood or peeing in a cup? If you picked the cup, you are right!
Today was the day Camille and I went to the lab for the urine and blood test so her kidneys could be checked for proper function. It all goes back to the Melamine post a couple of weeks ago. After an awful lot of crying and carrying on over the urine sample, Camille strolled into the lab and gave the blood sample like a pro. Not a tear or a peep or a simple "ouch". Nothing. She sat stoically and actually watched. That's my girl! Afterwards, the phlebotomist taped the gauze and then put a self-stick pressure bandage over it. (I don't know what they call it now... in my days at the animal hospital it was called "Vet Wrap") Here is Camille with her bandage, looking sad (yah, right!)

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3D said...

Brave girl!

Keep smilin!