Friday, November 07, 2008

"Bunnies are for babies...

...Ballerinas are for big girls." This was the statement Camille made last night while we were putting away her clean clothes and straightening up her room.

I LOVED doing Camille's nursery. I decided on "Guess How Much I Love You" as a theme because, not only do I love the story, I fell in love with crib bedding I found. A little more internet searching and I had wallpaper, border and accessories to do the entire room... here are some photos...

My friend Deb cross-stitched a beautiful wall hanging and my friend Maureen hand-painted a table and chairs. Both of these items were shower gifts. My very talented mother made this quilt, by hand. It is now the covering on the "big-girl" bed.

Apart from the addition of the big-girl bed and and a few more wall hangings including a poster of the Disney Princesses and cross-stitch of a ballet class that my mother actually did for my room 26 years ago, the room hasn't really changed. I don't know why I thought Camille might like bunnies until she went off to college... I guess that was asking a little too much!

So, plans are underway for a "Ballerina big-girl room". I suspect it's going to take some time to 'transition'. My father hung the GHMILY wallpaper and border, so I think if it comes down (someday) I'm probably on my own. It was a labor of love. In the mean time, Camille asked Mimi (my mother) for a ballerina quilt. I'm glad that Camille is becoming a strong individual with her own tastes and opinions, but it does make me sad sometimes, that my "Little Nut Brown Hare" is growning up. I will always "Love you to the moon... and back".

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Donna said...

Faye...thanks for commenting on our blog. To answer your question, Emma is six!

It is kind of bittersweet when you have to dismantle your lovingly planned nursury, isn't it? But I'm sure your ballerina room will be wonderful too!