Monday, September 08, 2008

Violin & Cello Concert

Camille is "all about the violin". That is what she will tell you. She talks about it all the time and regularly plays the air violin. It all began when saw Joshua Bell play the violin on an episode of Sesame Street. From that moment on she was hooked. We talk about violins, watch clips of violinists (especially kids) on Youtube and anyone playing the violin or the fiddle on the Lawrence Welk Show (still a favorite) gets extra applause at our house.

Tonight, the local Italian club hosted a violin and cello duet. Mike and I took Camille to see it. She was absolutely thrilled and glued to the concert. Each time the duet started a piece, she cupped her hands to her cheeks and squealed, "Mommy, this one is my favorite!" She danced, she conducted, she played her air violin. But the most amazing part came during the last song when she said, "Mommy, when I close my eyes I can feel the notes swirling around my head." This from a child who just turned 4 years old. Pretty deep.

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