Friday, September 12, 2008

First Ever Field Trip!

Camille's Pre-K class took their first field trip of the year today. The class went to Johnson's Farm to pick apples. Last night Camille said "Tomorrow I am going on a big yellow school bus with my friend's and my teacher. I am going to sit next to Anthony on the bus. We are going to pick apples, Mommy, just me and my friends and my teacher... and not you. " Well then! I guess that's that.
So when I picked Camille up from school I asked her about the trip. She told me it was great. The kids went on a hayride, picked apples and fed the farm animals. Camille said that she especially loved feeding the sheep.
No photos since I was not allowed to go on the trip. I'm so glad my big, independent four-year-old had such a special time!

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