Thursday, September 20, 2007

Girls just wanna have fun!

Camille is full of surprises. Mike and I enjoy listening to XM radio. Our favorite 'Sunday morning' station is called "High Standards". They play lot of great music by Nat Cole, Frank Sinatra and the like. Mike also sings a lot of these types of songs to Camille before bed. So we were listening to the radio last Sunday morning and Mike casually asked Camille "Who is this singing on the radio?" Completely unprompted Camille answered "Frank 'Anotra"... and you know what? She was right!

In her new preschool class, the kids do worksheets. They are simple worksheets about numbers and letters and colors. This week Camille came home with a worksheet for the color red. It had the word 'red' in big bold letters across the top and then it had several small pictures of things that are typically red to color... a rose, a stop sign, an apple. Camille had colored all the pictures on the page except the picture of a bus. When I asked her why she didn't color the bus she replied, "Because busses are not red, they're yellow." She is one smart cookie, but in for a surprise if she ever visits London... where busses are red!

Camille loves her dance class and after completeing 2 one-hour classes on Saturday mornings, she thinks she is a prima ballerina. She loves the color yellow, is happiest when she can wear dresses, carry a purse and put on her imaginary make-up. She loves our dog, Riley, but only on her terms. She loves to tell jokes. And she certainly makes us laugh! There is no one she would rather spend the day with than her Mimi, but at night, she only wants her daddy and insists on a least two songs. She is my world.

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Doris & Dan said...

A special little prima ballerina!

Keep smilin!