Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Too big for a crib?

Ah... a great debate indeed. How young is too young for "big bed" (we're not talking cheesy toddler bed here) and how old is too old for the crib?

Camille is almost 3 years old. (34 months to be exact, but I stopped aging her in months after she turned 2. Just seemed silly to me... afterall, you wouldn't say your 12 year old is 144 months, right? But I digress...)

Camille hasn't ever tried to climb out of her crib. She's just not a climber. She hasn't ever asked about a "big bed" and she seems uninterested whenever we bring it up. I was planning to transition Camille to a regular bed around her third birthday, but now I am not so sure. What's the rush. I figure as long as she is comfortable in her crib, she might as well stay there. It'll probably only be a problem if she wants to bring her crib along to her Harvard dorm room Freshman year :o)

Comments welcome.


Robin said...

speaking from experience, I would leave her in the crib as long as she will stay there. Then you don't have the battles of the wills every night when she can readily crawl out of her big girl bed. :-)

Beverly said...

If she isn't asking and it doesn't hurt you to put her in or get her out, I say leave her.

Sophie's Mom said...

I agree w/Robin. My Sophia will be three in October, and she's welcome to her crib as long as it's a safe place for her to be. What a cutie!

SHELLY said...

I say she's ready, but only if you are! I moved Cat out of her crib at 3 but she was trying to get in and out on her own, so that was the main reason.