Friday, June 29, 2007

The Final Friday Family FotoFun Challange - Take my breath away photos

This will be our final FFFF Challange. The originator of FFFF Challange has elected to password protect her website since one of her daughters reached her third birthday. Her younger daughter will be three in August. Since we only know Donna and her family through the internet and not in "real" life, we are not privy to her password. Camille and I will miss our "virtual friends."

So this is our final challange... Photos that I took that took my breath away when I saw them... Here are my top 2, judge for yourself.


Robin said...

I am sooo going to miss Donna and her blog.

Love those photos. They are breath-taking!

Great photo shoot mom.

Donna said...

They're both BEAUTIFUL!

Come visit me and if you survive my home cookin', I'll give you the password to my blog! ;)

Seriously -- I hope there's no hard feelings. It was a very hard decision to restrict the blog this way but it's something we felt we needed to do.