Friday, April 23, 2010

Update on Camille's Hearing

It's been a while since I've posted on Camille's hearing situation. Mostly because there really hasn't been anything to post. She has spent the past couple of months at school, evaluating 2 different FM systems to see if they can help with her hearing loss in the classroom. The trials are now complete and after consultations with Camille's kindergarten teacher, reading specialist and talking to Camille, it's been determined that neither the whole classroom FM system, nor the personal FM system were very effective.

I am disappointed, but not very surprised. The other day before entering the grocery store I said "Come on Camille, let's get a shopping cart." Camille replied "Why do we need a chocolate bar?" Her hearing loss is very unusual for a child. It is a high frequency loss, most commonly seen in older adults.

We now have an appointment at the beginning of May to see a new audiologist who specializes in high-frequency hearing loss to see about getting some hearing aids for Camille.


McNew Family said...

What is the picture of? We have our first audiology testing coming up in a couple of weeks for Zabi. We are hoping that something significant shows up - I don't think that she hears clearly at all. Is there a name for hearing the sounds, but not understanding the distinctions in the sounds?

Faye said...

Oh dear. Hope it's nothing serious. I'll send you an email.

Anonymous said...

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