Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hot topics at our house

The new guide dog is a very hot topic at our house right now. It could be nerves or excitement, for Michael... perhaps a healthy combination of both. He talks about the dog, a lot. I'm glad. I'm excited too. We refer to the dog as "Bruno" (this is a name Mike came up with in a dream... I think it's a spin-off of "Juno" which is the name the Seeing Eye uses for the imaginary dog they use to give a candidate a sample walk when they come out for the initial assessment.) We will have no idea what the new dog's name will be until Michael meets him or her for the first time. Everyone has questions, comments and concerns, including Camille. She asks where "Bruno" will ride in the car, where "Bruno" will eat and whether we will have to get rid of our shih-tzu, Riley (the answer to that question is "no". Seeing Eye dogs are often raised with other dogs and we have no doubt Riley will do fine with the new dog).

So Michael will leave for this adventure in about 14 weeks. We're really excited for him!

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Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Very exciting!!