Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Follow-up on "Joseph" Auditions

It was a mad house. 96 children auditioned for parts in the musical... that's 1/4 of the school's student population! Incredible! As a brand new parent, I was certainly not prepared for that kind of turn out. I had been told the musical is a "big deal" at the school, but this is a parochial school, not a school for the arts, so I just didn't understand the magnitude. There were 2 parts to the audition. In groups of 5 they took the kindergarteners, first graders and second graders off to sing. We were not allowed to watch the singing auditions. Then the singers came back and they practiced the dancing portion. Once they ran through the dance a few times without music, the did it a few times with music before the director came out to see them all dance. We were allowed to watch the dancing part of the auditions and, from what I could see, ALL the kids, were really great! Including down time, the audition took 2 hours, and Camille was in the first wave of kids to audition. I felt sorry for parents who had kids in separate waves. They were probably there all night.

So, I know the director can not take everyone. And I know she will take as many kids as she can fit on the stage. But based on what I saw at the auditions, I will be very surprised if Camille gets a part. She's very young, not a particularly great singer, and there was an awful lot of kids who had a lot of talent there that auditioned last night.

It's going to be a great musical, whether Camille participates, or spectates, we're very excited about it, either way.

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