Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Auditions Today!

Today is Camille's big audition for the St. Rose School musical. Since the school is kindergarten through eighth grade, the kindergartens are only eligible to audition for the part of "Junior Israelites" in the musical. The parts will be limited and "Junior Isrealites" are open to K-3rd, but Camille has been practicing the audition song "Any Dream Will Do" and the dance that goes along with it, so I think she has as good a shot as any.

The best thing about Camille is that she's never very upset when she aduditions and doesn't get a role. Maybe it's from the modeling and acting. Sometimes she lands a gig, sometimes she doesn't. She knows that's how things work. She tries her best and her attitude is usually, "That's okay, we'll get it next time!" I've been telling her that since she was very little. So we'll see how things go today and if, she gets a part, we'll be happy, and if she doesn't, we'll try again next year. We've already signed her up for re-enrollment at St. Rose.

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