Tuesday, January 26, 2010

When it rains

Well, the house needed new siding anyway. We knew that, but I guess I wished it would have held up just a little longer, just until we could have had our kitchen remodeled. You never get to do the "fun" stuff first! Last night's storm blew a bunch of siding off the house. It's really old, cracked and needed to be replaced anyway. So, looks like the kitchen will have to wait... again.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with the rep from Lightspeed Tek and the principle and Camille's teacher. We're going to get her FM system put in place. I don't know how much of this is going to cost or how much of it, if any, insurance will cover. It makes me a little worried and nervous, but, we've got to do what we've got to do for her, so we're going to do it. I just hope whatever is going on with her hearing is not degenerative. She seems to be having so much trouble. Prayers on this one appreciated.

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Donna said...

I know what you mean about never getting to do the "fun" stuff first. So far, 2010 is starting out to be a very expensive year. First, our sink backed up and it took two hours for the plumber to fix it. Then our big new beautiful gazebo was picked up by a freak storm and throw up onto our hill. It was destroyed. Then our van needed a set of new tires AND a new transmission too. Then Gwenny got her "shark teeth" and that required surgery and copays. Today, I noticed that our camera is broken. Right after we purchased a new $300 lens for it.

I hope your new siding is pretty and you get at least a little bit of pleasure from it!


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