Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First Kindergarten Test

Last night Camille seemed a little worried. "What's bugging you, kiddo?" I asked her. "Mommy," she said, in an unusually mousy and drawn out voice, "I'm worried." I asked her what she could possibly be worried about. She told me she had to take a test at school today. A TEST! So? Big deal! She had nothing to worry about. She's never had a test at school before... ever. And today was a simple assessment test to see where she stands in language arts abilities (does she know all the capital and lower case letters, sounds they make, can she use words appropriately to make sentences, etc) So she had nothing to worry about. How could she possibly be worried? She didn't even know what a test was all about! There in layed the problem... to my poor kid, who has had TONS of TESTS, tests meant sitting still, and putting on a brave face for a tourniquet, alcohol swab and a needle! OH NO! Once I explained to her that tests at school were just answering questions and had nothing to do with doctors or needles or any of that junk her whole body relaxed and she happily skipped away! I hope we can always keep an open dialog about stuff... always.

This is NOT a school test...
This is..

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Anonymous said...

Out of the mouth (and minds) of babes.......let us all remember that their brains work in overtime all the time, and we need to remember to ASK them what they're thinking!! Poor thing, thinking going to school was suppose to be fun and then all of a sudden 'bait and switch'!!! Glad you were able to fix that one so quickly - but wonder how long that day she was worried!! Hugs to Camille from her STUPENDOUS (not just Great) Aunt Kris!!