Saturday, July 25, 2009

Delaware State Fair

I used to be very involved with the Delaware State Fair. When I was little I was involve in 4-H, then in high school, I was an exhibitor with the FFA and later in college I showed dairy cattle at the fair for U of D. I would spend all week in Harrington at the fair, and my parents would come down to see my exhibits or watch me show cattle or compete in whatever competition or exibition I was doing at the time. When I graduated from college, my involvement in the fair ended, but my father still likes to go every year. (Incidently, my mother does not... it's usually very hot and smelly at the fair; not my my mom's scene at all!) So, I still take a day to go down each year with my dad. In recent years, since we've adopted Camille, it's been more fun... kids make the going to the fair more fun! I didn't bring my camera this year, but I did capture one shot on my cell phone... We had a fun day!

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