Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why I love being Catholic - A top 10

I am compiling this list out of genuine thankful reflection and I have no intention of being provocative (and every intention of being funny). I am very much of an ecumenical mindset and know full-well the Holy Spirit works outside the Roman Catholic Church, that is why I use the term “Christian mysticism” instead of “Catholic mysticism”. Indeed, much of Christian mysticism comes from the Eastern Orthodox church. Anywho… I felt compelled as I have greatly enjoyed my life in the Catholic Church and wanted to send out some kudos.

#10) Social Drinking - Seriously, I love being able to go out after a parish event with fellow parishioners and know I can order a drink without worrying about offending the “Jesus turned water into grape juice” guy.

#9) Cool Accessories - I admit, I love accessories. Rosaries, medals, scapulars, etc. add a textile elements to religion I enjoy. What I really like is that I feel less stupid holding a Rosary during a prayer, which has generations of history and meaning, than a “Prayer of Jabez” lucky coin.

#8) Art and Style - I love great art (like art that requires hard work, not that “my kid could paint that” stuff). The Catholic Church is stuffed full of centuries of art. I am always surrounded by works of expression by those who love Jesus Christ.

#7) Bigger Bible - I always wanted a sequel to Proverbs.

#6) Catholic Radio - This is probably one of the major factors that lead me to the Catholic Church. I listen to the American Catholic Radio podcast every week as well as Catholic Answers and my local station. I virtually never hear a word about Iraq, Hilary Clinton, or the real estate crash. Catholic Radio is timeless, talking about things that are relevant to our souls and everyday life instead of fads and temporary issues.

#5 ) Knights of Columbus - Great life insurance! I’d tell you more, but then I would have to kill you… (just kidding… or am I?)

#4) Blessings - I have been using blessings and purifications for years. Most evangelicals consider that “voodoo”, but now I get the bonus of having a priest who can do it with the whole authority of the Church!

#3) I Can “Come Out” - Many evangelicals think you attend Hogwarts and ride a broomstick when you say you are a “mystic”. When I tell Catholics I am a mystic, they usually know what I am talking about and start talking about St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila.

#2) Saints - It is like collecting baseball cards as a kid. The Catholic Church has a vast history of people who broke the norms and rose above the world they were in. It is hard to find role models these days for genuine faith, so having a well documented history of thousands of individuals who overcame the world and achieved the miraculous is an inspiration. It is also nice everyone has a “Patron Saint” that relates to their particular circumstances.

#1) The Real Eucharist - No more Welch’s and saltines for me! Reading letters by the Early Church Fathers lead me to realize just how much they cherished the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. The Catholic Church’s dedication to keeping the sacred and divine nature of Eucharist in tact is probably the greatest driving force for myself, and many others, to convert.

Pope Benedict XVI

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Anonymous said...

As you said of your child "It's hard not to be proud" - I say that of you, my niece Faye!

AND, Camille IS tough, and salty - the salty makes the sweet even sweeter, and personally, I love her salt!!!