Saturday, August 09, 2008

Our Ocean City Vacation

We had a truly amazing vacation! Apart from a 24 hour bug that knocked Camille down (for literally 24 hours) we had a terrific time! Here's a photo journal of our trip!

The newest member of the Ocean City Beach Patrol!

We spent a day with the Lynches. Mike performed an inpromptu concert for Karen, Kieran, Karen's sister, niece, nephew and some friends.

Kieran, who was diagnosed with ALS in December, had a good laugh over some of Mike's "silly songs." It was good to see Kieran so happy!
Steven had an ice pop for Camille
Camille 'helps' Kieran out the door in his new electric wheelchair.
Karen and Kieran really love Camille.
Kieran take Camille for a ride on his new wheelchair. Camille loved every minute of it shouting "Go faster, Uncle Kieran, go faster!"
Back at the beach house it was a little TV then 'lights out!'

"Home base" on the beach!

Mike and Camille test the water.
We'll call this one "Camille Cam" like our friends do when their 5 year old takes the shot.

Time for lunch back at the beach house... yum!
While we were in OCNJ, we met up with Mike's first grade teacher from Overbrook... yes, his first grade teacher, Bonnie Perkins.
Camille plays with Bonnie's grandchildren, James and William.
Rides onthe boardwalk. I love this shot of Camille on the carousel.

Then it was time for frozen custard.

Mimi and Bop came during the week and spent the night at the beach house. Mimi and Camille test the water...

Bop laughs as Camille struggles with a bucket full of water.
We had pizza at the famous Mack & Manco's
Camille made a spin art shirt on the boardwalk.
And it turned out pretty cool!

There was lots of time to relax on the beach!
There was lots of music on Asbury Avenue too!
More crafts... a birdhouse. It really turned out quite nice.

Mommy's favorite respite was the local coffee house.
And of course there was always time for more rides. The carousel was a big hit!

Every evening there was something new on the boardwalk. This gentleman brought some tidepool specimens for the kids to enjoy.

On Friday, Karen met us at the beach to spend just a little more time with Camille.

Then we headed back to the Lynches house for some time in the pool.

It was tough to say goodbye to Ocean City... we sure had a great time!

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