Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bedtime Rituals

Here's a line-up of our bedtime routine, post bath and teeth brushing.

Three people and one shih-tzu head upstairs. The shih-tzu situates herself under the bed while the littlest person situates herself into bed. It's crucial to have everyone in just the right place. Hippo on the left, Shamu on the right, blankie and Kitty snuggled in Camille's arms. First there is a story, usually read by mommy, but thanks to a large collection of Braille children's books, sometimes it's read by daddy. Following the story is lost of kisses and hugs, plus a drink of water. This is when mommy usually sneaks out, followed by the shih-tzu, while daddy sings a song (sometimes a few songs). These songs are always by request and almost always something by Nat King Cole or Frank Sinatra or Perry Como, although, once in a while it's "Elmo's World" or some other song from Sesame Street. Then daddy grants just one more drink of water, a hug, a kiss and it's lights out!

Good Night everyone... sleep well... God-speed... sweet dreams.

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