Saturday, March 01, 2008

New School, You Rule!

Mike and I went to the Academy on Thursday night for the open house and we were truly amazed! What a fantastic place! I know Camille is going to thrive! We loved the sound of the Pre-K/Kindergarten curriculum. The classes are limited to 12 students with the option to go part-time, but why would you? The classes have reading, math, science and English and the specials include Spanish, gym, computers, art history and music. All of the core subjects are taught on 3 levels. The Pre-K/K classes have their own classroom library, so books are available all day. The school also has an incredible playground. The class takes 4 field trips during the year. ALL of the teachers at the Academy, including Pre-K, are board certified. We are thrilled that Camille was accepted into the program and we know she is going to thrive in this gifted program.

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