Saturday, December 08, 2007

LRF Christmas Party

Each year the Little Rock Foundation hosts a holiday party for visually impaired children and their families. This year's party was one of the best ever! Thank you Tina and Rocco for extending the invitation to our family. We had a great time! Here's just a tiny portion of the day.

Camille LOVES makeup...
So face-painting was a big hit!
Daddy tried on some crazy glasses!
Our friend BettyAnn watched Camille at the duckpond...
Then she helped Camille play the maze game!
BettyAnn and Karly with Camille.
Next Camille decorated her own snowflake. She also did spin art and watched a magic show!
Then Camille got to visit the Jolly man himself!

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Doris & Dan said...

What a fun party!

Keep smilin!