Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday Family FotoFun Challange - Hair

Finally! A FFFFC I can get behind! I too am a lover of little girl hairstyles, bows, etc. In her referral photo, Camille was the baby with the LONGEST hair! I brought hair stuff with me to China (silly me!) Here's a very narrow example of Camille's hair through the ages!

Gotcha Hair

Wet Hair
First Ponies (5 months after Gotcha Day!)
A favorite pony shot of mine.
Chinese New Year Hair
Wavy Hair
Wedding Hair


Beautiful BROWN hair from the back!


Doris & Dan said...

Love the lovely looks!

Keep smilin!

-m- said...

These are the best!!! Very cute, all of them!!

Anonymous said...

One word


Mary McG
in TN