Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Old Blue Eyes

I think our bed time routine is pretty standard. Cami gets a bath and lotion then PJs, she brushes her teeth while I brush her hair. Then we go upstairs and read a story. After the story I turn on her CD player, turn out the light, give her one more kiss goodnight and leave the room.

Cami's bedtime CD as been the same since she came home from China. It's a CD of the Beijing Children's Choir singing Chinese lullabies. It's the only music she has ever had a bedtime and it's perfect for lulling her to sleep.

The other night, just before I turned out the light, I asked Cami if she wanted music. She said "yes", so I started the CD. Immediately, Cami said "No Mommy! Not that music! I want Frank 'anatra!" I was blown away.

Daddy did some research and found a Frank Sinatra CD with a lot of 'sleepy time' type music. Now Cami can fall asleep to Frank. Not a bad choice...


Beverly said...

Oh that is a good one. Smart girl.


Doris & Dan said...

Very good taste in music!

Keep smilin!

Lauren and Ed said...

Sounds like she has a good ear for music! I love her fairy costume...it is gorgeous on her.