Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Goodbye Elmo?

I have to face it; our baby is no longer a baby, not even a toddler. She is three now. A preschooler. We didn't have the big backyard birthday bash like we did last year. For one thing, her birthday coinsided with our trip to California. Additionally, her best friend Hannah left for Arizona just before we came back home. We did have an intimate family party and I let Camille pick out some party decorations. Among the choices, she picked out decorations with Sesame Street characters and Elmo among them. Good, I thought, she's a least not too big for Elmo.

Yesterday, while cleaning up the playroom, Camille took one of her many Elmo dolls and put it in the trash can. When I found him, I said "How did Elmo end up in the trash?" Camille answered "I put him there." I said, "Why?" She answered, "I don't need him anymore." Again I asked, "Why?" She answered, frankly, "Elmo is for babies. I am big now. So let's pack up the rest of these Elmos." With that she began to put the Elmos in the toy box and shut the lid.

If this is for real, I for one am really going to miss Elmo. I know I already miss my baby, but I think I am too in love with my 'big girl' to notice.

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