Sunday, May 14, 2006


Today is an important day to remember a woman who Cami once knew but will never really know. A woman whom I have never met, but to whom I will be forever linked and eternally grateful. Today we remember a woman in Hunan, China who carried a child she met only once and will never get to see grow, thrive and change. As sad as sounds, it is Cami's reality. And we hope, one day, she will understand what a gift her birth mother gave to her and to us. Today, and every Mother's Day, we light a candle and remember Cami's birth mother.

In the stillness of the morning -
In the hush before the dawn -
A cry screams through the silence -
And a new life has been born.
And she wonders what will happen -
To her newborn baby girl -
How she wishes she could keep her -
And protect her from the worl.
But she knows that there are "others" -
Who would gladly give the world -
To have the chance to hold and love -
Her precious little girl.
And she prays to God for guidance -
As she holds that tiny hand -
With the desperate hope that someday -
Her child will understand.
So she bravely signs the papers -
And the tears fall from her eyes -
As she signs away her baby -
The light inside her dies.
One last kiss she gives her darling -
For the "others" have now come -
To claim the life she gave them -
Now a family has begun.
And with heavy heart she watches -
As they hold "their" little girl -
How she wishes she could somehow share -
A small part of their world.
But she knows this will not happen -
That for her it cannot be -
And always she will wonder -
About the child she'll never see.
NOW the times, they are a'changing -
And a new dawn has begun -
Soon ALL will be together -
With new hope for everyone.
~ ER Tomlin

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