Friday, September 17, 2010

40 Days for Life

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The New Morality
by Mary
You didn't make, Unborn Child.
They wouldn't let you be.
To your bud of life, they took a knife.
It's the "New Morality".
The didn't mean to hurt you, Love!
You have to understand.
Forgive them for what they did.
Their life was so well-planned.
They couldn't take you with them
up the ladder of success.
Money meant more to them
than a child, heaven-blessed.
Tell me, little Unvorn Child,
what did the Creator say?
Did He wrap you in His love,
and wipe your tears away?
You hover on the edge of time.
I see your faceless form.
You laugh whenever children play,
Oh, God for you I mourn!
He sent His only Precious Son
to teach us all "the Way".
Still we kill the unborn ones.
It happens every day!
You didn't make it, Unborn Child.
They wouldn't let you be.
They just expelled a blob of cells.
It's the "New Morality"

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