Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Friends of ours from church have a son who was a transitional deacon. He was ordained into the priesthood last weekend, by the Archbishop of Philadelphia. He attended St. Charles Borreomeo Seminary for many years. According to his parents, it was not an easy road (8 years of difficulty) but his ordination ceremony was beautiful and now he can go out in the world and do his work. We will certainly keep him, and all of the newly ordained priests, in our prayers.

I realize that Catholicism is not the only religion. It's not the only church, but I believe it is the one true church of Christ. Peter was, in fact, the first pope and all priests and bishops are ordained by someone who was ordained by someone... (you get where I am going with this) and can be traced back to the original 12 apostles. The Catholic church is the one holy apostolic church. (This is also the reason that priests are not allowed to be female or marry, but that's a different topic.)

So I think seminarians should be held in high regards. It's almost more difficult for a young man to be come a Catholic priest than about anything else these days and and as far as sacrafice whoa baby! You know what they have to sacrafice!

While I realize the word "seminarian" simply refers to a person who is enrolled in a theological college, I wish there were another word to distinguish men who are true seminarians (Catholics on their way to becoming priests) verses lay people who are taking religious classes to become Christian preachers. There's nothing wrong with it, it just makes me skin crawl when I hear a woman say, "I am a seminarian." Just an opinion.

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