Sunday, April 05, 2009

Hannah First Karate "Tournament"

Camille's friend Hannah has been taking Karate for a few weeks and was able to participate in her first introductory "tournament", so she and her mom invited us to come and watch. We had an awesome time! Hannah did a great job and was awarded a trophy for her efforts and "Best Karate Yell!" Way to go Hannah! Here are some photos from the day! By the way, Camille loved the idea of getting a trophy, but when I asked if she was ready to try Karate, she whole heartly declined the offer and stated she was perfectly happy with ice skating and dance! :)

Hannah is ready to begin... doesn't look she nervous? (poor thing! so cute!)

All the kids in her division line up. There's no fighting at this level. It's really more of skills testing and everybody gets a medal and a trophy.

Hannah receives her trophy for "Best Karate Yell!"

Camille is such a supportive friend!

The Champ! Way to go Hannah! We're so proud of you!

This my friend Deb, Hannah's Mom. We've been friend's since the 7th Grade. We worked on science fair projects together, we won Science Olympiad medals together, we met Sally Ride, the first female NASA astronaut together, we played ice hockey on the same team, we swam against one another and on the same swim teams, we have a rich history and we are still good friends today... can you say, "soccer mom" LOL!
Okay, everyone loves to hold a trophy! LOL!
We had a great time! Just had to share!

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