Saturday, July 26, 2008

Birthday Party Weekend

On Friday Camille attended Kassiani's 5th Birthday Party at the Little Gym. She had a ball... unfortunately, I did not have my camera. I did have my cell phone though and I was glad it had a camera, because I want my baker to do a cake like this for Camille's party...

This cake is made entirely out of cupcakes. We did a cupcake birthday cake for Camille's 2nd birthday party and it worked out so well. There is no cutting, you just simply let each kid grab a cupcake! Since Camille is having a princess theme party, I thought this would be the perfect design to have my baker copy for her cake.

On Saturday, Camille attended Tessa's 5th Birthday party. It was also a princess theme party. Donna and the girls made the castle themselves out of refridgerator boxes... That Donna is so clever!

This is Camille and Shaneequa, an 8 year-old girl from Brooklyn that Donna and Nate took in for the summer through the Fresh Air Fund. They must be saints! This photos says it all!

Here's Tessa cake. It was a monster, but it was delicious!

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