Thursday, May 17, 2007


Camille loves shoes. I find it hard to buy shoes for her because she outgrows them so fast and good shoes are expensive. Camille's favorite color is yellow. (Or lellow, as she calls it). While I was out I found a pair of yellow Crocs in her size. All the kids are wearing these shoes and decorating them with little charms called Jibbitz. I thought this would be a perfect treat. Yellow shoes... I gave the shoes to Camille last night. I knew she would like them, I just didn't realize how much. She squealed with delight and wore her new Crocs to bed!

She also wore them to school today. I have a funny feeling these shoes will be money well spent.
We're headed to the shore this weekend for some much needed R&R. I'm sure we'll be taking the yellow Crocs... maybe we'll find the first Jibbit or two. It's a wonderful life!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome shoes, but TOTALLY CUTE kid! She should be in the movies!