Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I am always amazed when I read other people's blogs. Some folks can come up with interesting and anecdotal things to write every day. I seem to have a more difficult time.

So, some time has past since our last entry. Cami 'graduated' from the Toddler program into the Two's program, although she will not be two until late August. Still, the school feels that she is 'mature' enough to move up, so she did.

Actually, the graduation was quite cute. Each toddler in the class was called out by name and walked (or crawled in some cases) across the stage to receive their diplomas. Most of the tots were starstruck. Dispite the practice sessions, it was was difficult for the kids to make it across the stage. Not my kid. She came out smiling and waving as if she had just won the Little Miss NJ pageant! Gotta love it!

So today was the first day in the new classroom. The first official day of the summer program. Except for one new little girl, all of the faces in Cami's Two's class are the same faces from the toddlers. Once again, Cami is the youngest in the class. But she handled it well in the toddler program and I have no doubt that she will be fine. This morning while E... and H... were clinging to their mothers, my Cami waved and shouted "bye-bye" when I brought her into the new classroom. Yes, she will be just fine.

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