Sunday, September 25, 2005

A Trip to the Hospital

Today, Camille was admitted to local hospital. I took her first thing this morning to the pediatrician for a large boil that had appeared on her inner thigh, literally overnight. We had learned at one of Camille's first doctor's appointments, that the boils on her head were the results of a MRSA infection. We thought we had it mostly under control when all the boils on her head healed. She would little outbreaks on her skin that looked just like baby acne. Little did we know that this was MRSA too.

Dr. Steph examined the boil then said "I don't want you to freak out here, but Camille needs to go to the hospital" I answered "When?" Dr. Steph said "Right now. I'll call so they will be expecting you." We went to our local hospital which has a top notch children's ward. I asked Dr. Steph if we should go to the Children's Hospital, but she didn't think it would be necessary. After we stopped at home to get a few essentials, we headed to the hospital. The admissions process was so smooth, I was very impressed. We have a large private room (since Camille is sick with an infectious disease) We met with the infectious disease specialist, Dr. Rao, then a nurse came in to start Camille on an IV with a Vancomycin drip. Vacomycin is one of the few antibiotics that Camille's strain of MRSA is susceptible to. Tomorrow morning Camille is scheduled for "surgery" (with a local anesthetic) to open the boil and allow it to drain. She is not happy camper...

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